Bruce: Religion and Social Protest (The New Christian Right)

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  • Bruce: Religion and Social Protest (The New Christian Right)
    • Politically and morally conservative.
    • It's a Protestant, fundamentalist movement
    • It's been more prominent since the 1960's because of its opposition to the liberalising of American society.
    • Aims are extremely ambitious
      • Wish to make abortion, homosexuality and divorce illegal.
      • Wish to turn America "back to God."
    • Believe strongly in family tradition and the gender roles.
    • Campaigns for the teaching of "creationism."
    • Wants to ban sex education in schools.
    • Their campaigns have raised their profile since the 1970s.
    • Effectively used media and networking.
      • e.g, Televangelism.
    • The Moral Majority, a Right Wing, Christian pressure group, founded in 1978 became the focus for political campaigning and for strengthening links with the Republican party.
    • It's been largely unsuccessful because:
      • The Moral Majority was 15% of the population at best.
      • It's members find it difficult to cooperate with people with other religions, even if they are campaigning for the same things.
      • Lacks widespread support and has met with strong opposition from groups who stand for freedom of choice.
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