Business and Environmental Ethics

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  • Business and Environmental Ethics
    • What is business ethics?
    • Key Issues In Business Ethics
      • Child Labour/forced labour
      • Sweatshops or other hazardous enviroments
      • Violation of basic worker rights
      • Ignoring health and safety and environmental standards
      • Stakeholders
        • Business and Consumers
        • Employers and employees
        • Business and the Enviroment
        • Business and Globalisation
    • Applying Ethical theories to business ethics
      • Kantian Ethics
      • Utilitarianism
      • Natural Law
      • Religious Ethics
      • Virtue Ethics
    • What Is Environmental Ethics?
    • Key Issues In Enviromental Ethics
      • Intrinsic or Instrumental Value
      • What is humanity's relation to the environment?
      • What is the status of animals?
      • Are all living things of the same moral value?
      • Do future generations need to be considered when making decisions?
        • Dominion and/or stewardship
        • Shallow and Deep ecology
        • Eco-holism: The Gaia Hypothesis
    • Applying Ethical theories to business ethics
      • Utilitarianism
      • Kantian Ethics
      • Natural Law
      • Virtue Ethics


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