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  • Business Management
    • Organisation
      • Large and is made up of a number of companies
    • Corporation
      • Structured
      • Has management levels
      • Large organisation
    • Industry
      • A combination of companies all in the same line of business
    • Agency
      • Links individuals with companies to fill vacancies either temporarily or permanently.
    • Primary
      • Where raw materials are sourced from.
    • Secondary
      • Distribution and assembling of the products
      • An example of this would be amazon and suppliers
    • Tertiary
      • The services associated with the business
      • examples would be advertising and utility bills.
    • Sole Trader
      • owned by one single person who takes care of everything and is liable for everything.
    • Partnership
      • Run by two or more people and are both responsible for everything and each are jointly reliable when things go wrong.
    • Limited Liability
      • Company where lots of people have shares and each take a cut of the profits.
    • Public Sector Organisation
      • Funded by the government for the benefit of the community.
    • Not for profit business
      • Business is run for the benefit of the community the same as a charity.
    • Charity
      • Run for the benefit of the community rather than the owner.


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