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  • CAD
    • Virtual modelling and testing
      • 3D computer models are used along with prototype models to aid visualisation but have the advantage of being easily changed.
      • A function called 'bi-directional parametric association' aids modifications by causing the slightest change to a design feature automatically change any other design feature linked with it.
        • Computer-aided engineering utilises computer stimulation to analyse designs.
          • It can determine whether assemblies fit together to the required tolerance.
      • Computer software models are excellent at examining manufacturing systems that are often too complex for humans to understand.
    • Rapid prototyping
      • An example of this is stereolithography. This allows designers, production directors the ability to review the function, ease of manufacture and marketability within days of the initial design.
        • Shortening design and development cycles, enhancing design quality and accuracy and reducing development costs.
      • RPT machines have the ability to produce solid models from a variety of materials which is taken from  3D computer model and made layer by layer.


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