Campaigns for Change

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  • Campaigns for Change
    • Sarah's Law
      • Sarah's law was created after the abduction and murder of 8 year old Sarah Payne by a registered sex offend in the area.
        • she died July 1st 2000.
      • Sarah's law  allows parents, carers or guardians to  ask the police for information about a person who has contact with their child, or a child close to them.
      • Her parents believed that this could have been preventable if they knew Roy Whiting's background.
      • Sarah's Law is a nation wide scheme that has many supporters including MPs, Politian e.g., Paul Booteng.
      • The home office classified the law as a success as figures say it has helped protect 60+ children
      • It used media such as newspapers e.g., news of the world.
    • Clare's Law
      • Michael Brown campaigned for  change in law after his daughter Clare was murdered by her ex-boyfriend
      • It was initially set up across 4 areas then in sept 2012 it went national
      • Figures show that there was more then 1300 warnings in a year.
      • Clare's law was supported by MPs and the association of chief police affairs
      • It used media such as prime-time TV, radio, newspapers and magazines articles.
    • Lillian's Law
      • Lillian's Law was backed by her family as she was their young daughter who died when hit by a driver with weed in their system in 2010
      • It is national and was successful and had over 20000 signatures.
      • Aimed to introduce drug testing devices and wanted to have tougher sentances on those who do
      • It was supported by local MP Gavin Barwell of Croydon.
    • Bobby Turnball
      • Bobby Turnbulls mum, sister and aunt were killed on  Horden New Year's Day massacre.
      • person who has served or received a criminal sentence will not be able to possess an antique firearm.
      • His law was spearheaded by himself and by 2000 people.
      • He made appeals on television to government MPs.
      • Firearms act 1968 prevented people with a criminal sentence over 3 months can not own a firearm.


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