Care Assessments

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  • Care Assessments
    • Desired goals and outcomes
      • Eat properly
      • Look after your personal hygiene
      • Go to the toilet
      • Dress yourself
      • Be safe at home
      • Keep your home clean and safe
      • See family and friends
      • Go to work, volunteering, education, or training
      • Use services in your area
      • Not being able to achieve:
        • You need help to do it
        • The task causes you pain or feel distressed or anxious
        • It is dangerous for you
        • Takes a significant amount of time
    • What does the assessment involve?
      • The emotional and social side of your life
      • Your skills and abilities
      • Your views, religious, and cultural backgrounds
      • Any physical difficulties
      • Any health or housing requirements
      • Your needs and wishes
      • What you would like to happen
      • Information from your carer
    • Definition
      • When a person who is finding it difficult to look after themselves is identified


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