Care Plans

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  • Care Plans
    • Definition
      • A document that states the holistic care that will be given for each service user
    • Care plans are reviewed, amended, and adjusted as the care needs change
    • If too much care is given
      • Independence can be affected
      • A waste of resources
    • If too little care is given
      • The needs of the service user will not be met
      • At risk of abuse, harm, or neglect
    • Carers
      • Informal
        • Care and support provided by relatives
        • Non-professionals
        • Not paid
      • Formal
        • Care and support provided by a healthcare professional
        • Trained
        • Paid for their work
    • Types of routines included in care plans
      • Daily living
      • Hobbies and lifestyles
      • Work and education
      • Family routines


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