Caregiver-infant interactions

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  • Caregiver-infant interactions
    • Reciprocity
      • When both parent and child both respond and elicit a response from the other
      • Alert phases
        • When a baby signals that they want interaction
        • From three months these become more frequent
          • Feldman
        • Mothers typically pick up on these signals 2/3 of the time
          • Feldman and Eidelman
      • Active involvement
        • Both caregiver and baby initiate interactions, and appear to take turns doing so
          • Brazelton et al
    • Interactional synchrony
      • When the emotions and actions of caregiver and baby mirror each other
      • Begins as young as two weeks old
        • Meltzoff and Moore
      • High levels of synchrony are associated with better quality of attachment
        • Isabella et al
    • Evaluation
      • Strengths
        • Lab observations
          • High control
        • High inter-rater reliability
        • Babies do not know they are being observed
      • Weaknesses
        • Difficult to interpret a baby's behaviour
        • Observing a baby's behaviour doesn't tell us how it affects their development


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