Carers' Assessment

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  • Carers' Assessment
    • For informal carers
      • Friends
      • Family
      • Neighbours
      • Have a right to an assessment to determine if they need help carrying out their caring duties
    • Care Act (2014) regulates carers; legal rights
    • What help is given?
      • Respite care to give you a break
      • Information on local support groups
      • Help with caring
      • Equipment to help you in your caring role
      • Personal budget
        • Allocated money that should be spent on paying for care or maintaining hobbies/ interests
          • Direct payment
    • Who does a carer contact?
      • Local social services department
      • Telll them about the care you provide
    • Preparation
      • Are you getting enough sleep?
      • Are you eating well?
      • Is your health being affected by caring?
      • Can you get out and do things by yourself?
      • Can you cope with other family commitments?
      • Is juggling work and caring difficult?
      • Are you able to pursue your work or educational goals?
      • Can you socialise and enjoy your hobbies>


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