Carlisle flooding

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  • Carlisle
    • Causes
      • 200 mm of heavy rainfall in 36 hours
        • Continuous rainfall saturates the soil
          • Increases runoff into the River Eden
      • Carlisle is a large urban area
        • Impermeable materials like concrete increased run off
      • All these factors caused the discharge of River Eden to reach 1520 cumecs
        • Its average discharge is 52 cumecs
    • Background information
      • More economically developed country
      • The flood happened on the 8th of January 2006
      • The River Eden was the  main cause of the flood
      • Carlisle is a large urban area
        • Impermeable materials like concrete increased run off
    • Immediate responses
      • People were evacuated from flooded areas
      • Reception centres were opened around Carlisle
        • This was to provide food and drinks for evacuees
      • Temporary accommodation was set up for the people who were made homeless
    • Long-term responses
      • Community group were set up
        • This was to provide emotional support and to give practical help to people who were affected by the floods
      • A flood defence scheme has been set up
        • This was to improve flood defences
          • E.G. building up banks on the River Eden to prevent future floods
    • Primary effects
      • 3 deaths
      • 3000 people were made homeless
      • 4 schools were severely   flooded
      • 350 businesses were shut down
      • 70000 addresses lost power
      • Some roads and bridges were damaged
      • Rivers were polluted with rubbish and sewage
    • Secondary effects
      • Children lost out on education
        • One school was closed down for many months
      • Stress related illness increased after the floods
      • Around 3000 jobs were at risk in businesses affected by the floods


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