Case Studies

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  • Case Studies
    • A case study is an in-depth study of one person or a group of people over time
      • It is usually carried out in the real world
      • They are idiographic and very individualistic
      • they are longitudinal studies
    • using observations, interviews or questionnaires
      • Psychologists may sometimes use experimental or psychological testing to gain more insight into the abilities of the person being studied.
        • They may therefore produce qualitative and quantitative data.
        • They may also involve gathering data from people close to the person being studied 
      • A great deal of quantitative and qualitative data can be gathered giving a detailed insight into the person or group
      • Allows researchers to study events it may be unethical or impractical to study
      • A detailed investigation of one person cannot be replicated, so lacks scientific rigour
      • Focusing on a very small sample means that it may be difficult to generalise the findings to the wider population
      • The researcher may become too deeply involved with the person or group being studied, affecting objectivity


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