Case Study: Lung Cancer

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  • Case Study: Lung Cancer
    • Understanding and Diagnosis
      • Grew in 1900s until it was linked to smoking.
      • CT scans to make it easier to diagnose and not diagnose it as something else.
      • If the CT scans showed a mass, a sample of cells are collected and tested.
    • Treatment
      • Transplants - now there is a possibility of moving a cancerous lung.
      • Radiotherapy - concentrated waves of radiation at the tumour to shrink it.
      • Chemotherapy - injected with different drugs to shrink the tumour before surgery, or prevent it reoccurring or provide relief from the symptoms.
    • Prevention
      • Force:
        • 2007 - ban smoking in workplaces and pubs.
        • 2015 - banned smoking in cars carrying under 18s.
        • 2007 - raise legal age for buying tobacco to 18.
        • Increase tax on tobacco products.
      • Influence:
        • Ban tobacco advertising on T in 1965.
        • Ban cigarette advertising completely in 2005.
        • Campaigns to advertise dangers of smoking.
        • 2012 - cigarette products moved from display.
      • The government took action through forcing and influencing behaviour.


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