Case Studies

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  • Case Studies
    • AO2
      • Hard to gen to anyone
        • Each case is unique to that individual due to all their life exp.
        • Eg, with Genie, the abuse/events she went through are completely diff to someone constantly moving foster homes. Both can lead to privation but effect the person in different ways.
        • Not rep of anyone else!
      • High in val
        • Gather lots of rich, indepth, qual data about the case.
        • With Genie, researchers gained data about her life before she was rescued and about her dev after so researcher has a great understanding of Genie like other researchers do for their cases.
        • So, can be considered accurate!
      • lacks rel, researchers are subjective in their interp but higher as more than one researcher/method used
      • Ethics: pseudonym used, works with researcher so full consent given
        • But issue with right to withdraw, may feel pressured to continue and confidentiality is hard to protect
    • AO1
      • Involve investigating one single person/family/case
      • Gather detailed, indepth qualitative date about the Ps lives.
      • Researchers use other research methods eg interviews, observations
      • Eg in Child Psych: a case study was carried out on Genie to investigate the effects of privation and to see if they were reversible
      • Involves attempting to help the person and usually uses a pseudonym


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