Case Study 5: Planning Issues in Built Environment

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  • Case Study 5: Planning Issues in built-up environments - SUFFOLK
    • LOCATION: Felixstowe, Suffolk Coastal District.
    • Plans
      • East of England Plan identified the need for 500k new homes and 10k new homes in SCD
      • 1,600 homes built SE of Ipswich
      • Sustainable designed homes
      • Sustainable housing communities
        • Reducing social, economic, environmental impacts
    • Stakeholders views
      • Jobs for local builders and developers
      • Spoil views of local residents (NIMBY)
      • Conservationists object to building on greenfields site as its bad for environment
      • Haulier companies would object because they'd want lorry parks nearby
      • STAG villagers who are concerned about buildings btwn the villages
        • Villages of Trimley St Martin and Trimley St Mary
      • Save Felixstwe Countryside group  object to damaging landscape /pollution
    • Greenfields Site = Development site where old buildings are demolished before a new site takes place
      • Building on brownfield (not greenfield) sites
      • Jobs available
      • Houses on lower incomes
      • Access for disabled/elderly
      • Facilities for people of all ages
      • Less energy used (more reusuable)
      • More public transport used (less cars)
    • Why are more houses needed?
      • Growing population (increased birth rate)
      • More migrants moving to UK
      • People live longer
      • More people living alone (after divorce)
      • Greater demand in London/ SE England
      • Need 240k homes per year


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