Categorising Mental Disorders

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  • Categorising Mental Disorders
    • ICD
      • The International Classification of Disorders
      • devised by the World Health Organisation and used worldwide
      • has 22 chapters (Chapter V is the one on mental disorders)
      • identifies main and secondary symptoms
      • The currently used ICD is the ICD-10
    • DSM
      • The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders
      • mostly used in America as it was made by the American  Psychiatric  Association (APA)
      • Looks at 3 aspects of mental health:  Medical and Mental Health Conditions,  Psychosocial and  Contextual  Factors  (environment), Functioning  and Disability?
      • It divides disorders into subtypes e.g. anxiety disorders, personality disorders, depressive disorders.
      • The current DSM used is the DSM-5
    • What is categorising mental disorders?
      • looking at the symptoms a person has and then deciding what type of mental illness they have


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