Catholic Christianity-Beliefs-Salvation and Grace

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  • Catholic Christianity-Beliefs(1.6)-Salvation and Grace
    • This is the idea that humans can be saved from sin through faith in Jesus
    • Catholics believe that the events of the paschal mystery brought about salvation for all
      • "For God sent the son into the world, not to condemn the world, but that the world might be saved through him"
    • Redemption (forgiveness of sins)-this is the idea that humans can be redeemed by sacrificing the life of Jesus to God
      • "Slaves of sin....slaves of God"-Romans
      • "The son of man came... to give his life as a ransom for many"
    • Justification  ( transformation away from sin)-The idea that humans are joined again with God because they've been transformed away from sin into holy people as a result of experiencing God's grace through Jesus
      • " Justification detaches man from sin... it reconciles man with God"-CCC
      • It's important to realize that this does not mean everyone is automatically saved, because of free will God can only offer salvation-it's up to the individual to accept the offer
      • In order to restore our relationship with God, people must live by the teachings of God- salvation is an ongoing process
        • "Salvation is  found in no one else"-acts
  • why is it important?
    • Because salvation is not guarantee, it must be lived out every day by receiving the sacraments and living a good Christian life-Gives the Catholics grace
      • Baptism; redeems the individual from slavery to sin
      • cly spirit strengthens the individual to continue living a Christian lonfirmation: Receiving the hoife
      • Reconciliation repentance of sins frees humans from slavery to sin
      • Eucharist: where pascal mystery is present again- the real presence of Jesus strengthens the individual in their life


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