causes for parliamentary victory

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  • causes of parliamentary victory
    • finance and resources
      • london- capital, largest population, printing press for propaganda
      • london  finance- loans from city of london merchants
      • navy- controlled navy and most ports including london
      • south/east- wealthiest regions controlled by Parliament- raising tax
      • money from levies soon ran out
        • only matched Parl through excise tax [1644]
    • leadership
      • parlaiment- gained political legitimacy from controlling Parliament
      • stable leadership- Parlaimentarian leadership was stable/united 1942-43, before Pym died
      • edgehill [1642]- poor leadership, C could have taken london
      • divisions between peace and war party
        • self denying ord- cromwell v earl of manchester
    • alliances and outside help
      • ports- unable to access help from abroad- only Newcastle, King's Lynn
      • h. maria- landed Holland troops on Yorkshire coast, but little impact
      • irish- Cessation treay paved the way for troops to asssits C
        • weak- 2500 defeated at Nantwich [1644] by Fairfax
    • military reorganisation
      • NMA- 20 000 men, highly trained and funded since 1630s
      • well paid
      • promotions based on merit
      • discipline was strict, uniform
      • united by religion
      • had an intelligence department


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