Why did the Cold War start?

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  • Causes of tension
    • Ideologicaldifferences
      • 2 sides diametrically opposed
    • Comintern
      • Organisation increased anti-capitalist propaganda
      • Increase in communism after the Great depression in the 1930s?
      • Red scare?
    • Treaty of Brest Litovsk (March 1918)
      • Bolshevik gov. to take Russia out of WWI
        • Betrayal amongst the allies
        • Now Germany only had to focus on 1 front
    • Russian Civil War
      • Allied countries all sent help to the enemies of the Bolsheviks
    • Appeasement
      • USSR suspicious of Britain's policy of appeasement towards Germany
      • Turns Hitler's way to the USSR and away from the West?
    • Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggressive pact (Aug. 1939)
      • Limited the threat of a German invasion on SU
      • Gave Stalin time to preparefor a war he thoughts inevitable
      • B & F condemned his action although appeasement pushedStalin to this
    • Bolshevik execution of the Romanov
    • Soviet failure to honour debt
      • Owed to the West = tension in international tensions


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