causes of the great terror

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  • Causes of the Great Terror
    • Lenin's police state
      • Great Terror carried out by NKVD
      • Lenin used secret police against political enemies
      • Stalin turned the NKVD against the Comms (last group that could threaten him)
    • Stalin's paranoia
      • Worried he would suffer a fall like Zin, Kam, Buk and Trot
      • Feared opp from those loyal to his rivals
      • Red Army established by Trotsky
    • Economics
      • Stalin needed a scapegoat for failings of 5YP
      • Needed larger labour force-people arrested in Terror sent to gulags
    • The Congress of Victors, 1934
      • Elections for new Central Committee-Stalin lost to Kirov
      • Kirov urged to stand up against Stalin
      • Confirmed to Stalin that people wanted a new leader
    • Kirov's murder
      • 1934-Kirov murdered by a lone gunman
      • Argued that murder was proof of widespread conspiracy
      • Murder was a trigger for the Great Terror


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