Cell Specialisation

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  • Cell specialisation
    • Sperm Cells
      • Flagellum: used for cell movement to get to egg cell
      • Middle section: filled with mitochondria to provide energy cell needs
      • Head: contains the nucleus which has half the genetic material for fertilisation
    • Nerve Cells
      • Axon: long to increase the distance electrical impulses can to travel
      • Sheath: around axon to stop electrical impulses spilling out and increases rate of transmission
    • Muscel Cells
      • Protein fibres: can contracts to move muscle
      • Lots of mitochondria: to generate lots of energy for motion
    • Root Hair Cell
      • No chloroplasts: they are underground so there is no light for photosynthesis
      • Long projections: to increase surface area for absorption of water and minerals


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