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  • Cells
    • Neutrophils
      • Immune systems first line of defense
      • White Blood Cell
      • Surround and kill micro-organisms
    • Monocyte
      • Plays a role in both inflammator and anti-inflammator processes that take place during an immune response
      • Made in bone marrow and travels through blood
      • White blood cell
    • Lymphocyte
      • White Blood Cell
      • Made in bone marrow, found in blood and Lymph tissue
      • Produce Antibodies, used to attack bacteria, viruses and toxins
    • Thrombocyte- platelets
      • Red blood cells
      • Found in the blood and spleen
      • Helps to form blood clots and stops bleeding
    • Basophils
      • White Blood Cell
      • Allergic reactions and Asthma
      • Irregular nucleus with blue granular cytoplasm
      • Release Enzymes to improve blood flow and Prevent blood clots
    • Eosinophils
      • Increassed in Parasitic conditions
      • Enzymes that release during infections, allergic reactions, and asthma
      • White blood cell
    • Erythrocyte
      • Transport of Blood gases
      • Made in the bone marrow
      • No nucleus
      • Contains proteins called Haemolobin
      • Carries oxygen from lungs to all parts of the body


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