Censorship and Propaganda - Germany

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  • Censorship and Propaganda
    • Nazi ideology
      • Maintain racial purity
      • A hierarchy of races - Aryans at the top
      • Blaming Jews for all Germany's problems
      • Anti-democratic: one-party state: dictatorship
      • Nationalism - the Treaty of Versailles had to be undone
      • A people's community that overcomes race and class: Volksgemeinschaft
    • Press
      • Communist and Socialist newspapers were shut down and others were placed under Nazi control
      • The Editor's Law of 1933 ensured that Nazi views were reported and the Propaganda Ministry gave editors guidance on what to write
    • Film
      • The Reich Film Chamber was established. There were few political films, but the Weekly Review contained political information to be published
    • Drama and Music
      • Nazis wanted drama and music to uphold nazi values. They banned experimental music like jazz and Jewish music was forbidden
    • Radio
      • Goebbels brought broadcasting under Nazi control
      • 70 er cent of people had a radio by 1939
      • Loudspeakers were installed in factories and offices. 2/3s of the time popular music was played; 1/3 of the time, Nazi propaganda was churned out
    • Literature and art
      • Writers had to be positive about Nazism and there were approved themes
      • The Reich Chamber of Literature listed banned books
    • Ritual
      • Heil Hitler, the Horst Wessel anthem, uniforms and public festivals commemorating Hitler's birthday and the Munich Putsch


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