Challenges - Jim

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  • Challenges - Jim
    • Practical
      • Getting proper nutrition and fluid intake
      • Dressing himself
      • Reduced mobility so needs help with getting around without his aids
      • Changing the temperature to his preferences
      • Getting him to to sports games
      • Regularly attending the chapel
      • Help with his incontinence
      • Monitoring and reducing his high blood pressure
      • Ensuring he is in a safe place to sleep (chair)
    • Acceptance and belief
      • Finds it hard to change clothes as he doesn't want to
        • Hard to accept that he needs to change his clothes regularly
      • He does not accept that his incontinence is normal for those who have kidney failure
        • Does not drink a lot to minimise the risk
      • Does not accept that driving may not be suitable for him anymore
        • Does not believe that there is anything wrong with him driving around
      • Does not accept extra help regarding his mobility and stability on his feet
        • Especially when it could allow for him to play bowls again
    • Skills
      • May not be IT literate 9age could play a part of it)
      • He may not be able to access the correct equipment
      • He may not understand how to update and use the technology provided for him
        • Or may lack confidence in his skills
    • Motivational
      • Needs motivation to eat and drink properly
      • Needs motivation to check his lifeline
      • May need extra motivation when it comes to his mobility
      • Motivation to sit down when he becomes short of breath
      • Needs motivation to change his clothes regularly
      • Needs motivation to find alternative routes of travel
      • Needs motivation to changes his clothes when  they are soiled
      • Needs motivation to play bowls due to his instability on his feet
        • Needs to be motivated to use his mobility aids
    • Communication
      • Needs motivation to talk about subjects he likes
      • Needs motivation and encouragement to wear his hearing aids
      • Needs motivation to talk during his care


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