Changing Family Patterns

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  • Changing family patterns 5.1
    • Marriage trends
      • 1.fewer people are getting married 2. There are more remarriages 3. People are getting married later in life 4. Couples are less likely to get married in church
      • Reasons for this:
        • Changes in norms and attitudes = less pressure to get married. Plastic sexuality and pure reationship
        • Secularistation = Not much religious influence
        • Decline in stigma
        • CPOW
        • Fear of divorce
      • Increase in remarriages
      • Age of marriage is increasing
      • Church weddings and on the decline
    • Cohabitation
      • Fastest growing family type
      • Allan and Crow = points out the difficulty in researching cohabiting couples as the moving in together is often unreliable.
      • Why has it increased
        • Changing attitudes towards sex
        • Decline in social stigma
        • Changes in mortgage applications
        • CPOW - financial independency of women
    • Same-sex relationship
      • Same-sex relationship - 5-7 % Stonewall are in this relationship
      • Civil Partnership Act = Equally treated to hetrosexual couples in terms of: tax, employment benefits, protection of domestic abuse, immigration, parental responsibility, pensions and property
    • Single person households
      • By 2033, over 30% of the population will be single
      • Reasons for this: divorce and separation has increased, Individualisation, 'creative singlehood', care homes are too expensive and CPOW


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