Changing Family Patterns

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  • Changing Family Patterns 5.2
    • Living Apart Together
      • Duncombe and Marsden found that 1/10 adults are lat
      • No longer seen as abnormal any more
    • Childbearing
      • Women are now having children later in life 28yrs old
      • Nearly half of all children are born outside of marriage today
      • Reasons for this:
        • CPOW
        • Child centeredness
        • Decline in stigma
    • Divorce
      • Can take three forms: divorce, separation and 'empty shell'
      • Divorce reform act - Widen the ground for divorce
        • Adultery
        • Unreasonable behavior
        • Separation for a number of years
      • Why has divorce increased
        • Secularisation
        • Decline in stigma and changing attidues
        • Changes in the law
        • Rising expectations of marriage - Pure relationship
        • CPOW
        • Individualisation


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