Changing Places

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  • Changing Places
    • Perspectives
      • Insider
        • Someone who lives in an area and knows how the area works (bus timetables etc)
      • Outsider
        • Someone who may travel through the area or visit it briefly, like a tourist.
    • Influencial factors
      • Exogenous (external)
        • Migrants or workers coming from an outside a place to live or work.
        • Investment from a business based outside the area.
        • Urban planners, architects, businesses and artists bringing ideas in to change a place.
      • Endogenous (internal)
        • Site or situation of the area.
        • Topography - height and relief of the land.
        • Built environment - age and type of buildings.
        • Demographic - age and ethnicity
    • Views
      • Near
        • Places where we feel at home, where people live in a similar way to which we live.
      • Far
        • Places that seem foreign and exotic. A division between 'them' and 'us'.
      • Experienced
        • Places that we have been to and developed a sense of place in.
      • Media
        • Places that we have formed a perception of, based on what we have seen in the media.


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