Changing political relations

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  • Changing political relationships 1920-20
    • Why and with what success did Congress adopt Gandhi's policy of civil disobedience?
      • Gandhi's aims and beliefs
      • How did Gandhi emerge as leader of Congress?
      • How effective was the Congress non-cooperation campaign 1920-22?
      • Significance of Gandhi's imprisonement
    • How successfully did Congress consolidate its position 1922-30?
      • Extending the appeal of Congress
      • 'Back to basics'
      • Enter the 'young hooligans'
      • The Nehru report
      • The Lahore congress 1929 and purna swaraj
      • Salt satyagraha and consequences of civil disobedience
    • How far did the Muslim League become a political force 1920-30?
      • Khilafat movement
      • Re-emergence of Muslim values
      • Concept of separateness
      • Breakdown of relations with Congress
      • Jinnah's beliefs and aims
    • How effective was the British response to the changing political landscape in India 1920-30?
      • Simon commission
      • The labour government and the significance of the Irwin declaration


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