Changing Spaces; Making Places 2 + 5. What’s in a place? + How are places created through placemaking processes?

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  • How do we understand place? -------> + How are places created through placemaking processes? < --
    • Places are represented through a variety of contrasting formal and informal agencies
      • Informal represen-tations of a place differ through contrasting media
        • TV
          • TV soaps represent places through lives of local people
        • Film
          • Wide angled views = zooming
        • Music
        • Art
        • Photography
        • Literature
        • Graffiti
        • Blogs
      • Formal
        • Census
          • Details of DoB, gender, educational qualifications, ethnicity, religion, health, welfare, housing and employment
        • Geo-spatial data
          • Household - One person living alone, or a group of people living at the same address who share cooking facilities, and share a living room or sitting room or divinf area
    • Place is produced in a variety of ways at different scales.
      • Local communities can have a significant influence in shaping places
      • As well as local political organisations such as councils, there are a whole host of groups whose activities go towards local place profiles
      • As social media becomes more integrated in the lives of more and more people,, it is being used to encourage public participation and collaboration
      • Heritage associations, typically NGO's, range between the National Trust, and local groups focused on a specific building or saving specific feature. Works on preservation


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