Changing Spaces; Making Places 4. . Who are the players that influence economic change in places?

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  • Who are the players that influence economic change in places? - Birmingham Study
    • Charac-teristics before economic change
      • Socio-economic
        • Migrated from rural areas looking for employment
        • First factory in 1791 built
      • Demographic
        • Around 15,000 people
      • Cultural
        • In country migration, no diversity
      • Environ-mental
        • Use to be an agricultural manor
    • Economic changes took place and role of players involved in driving change
      • Economic growth through the first half of the 20th century
      • Continuous population growth from natural increase and immigration
    • Impacts on people and place
      • Environ-mental
        • Decades of industrial activity had left land sites, canals, and rivers with high levels of pollution
        • Air pollution reached high levels with controls on emissions (smoke, sulfur dioxide) almost non-existent
      • Demographic
        • Large population growth after industrial revolution, as people migrated for jobs
      • Socio-economic
        • Industrial decline from he 50's to 60's
        • Between 1970 and 1983, earnings fell from being the highest in the UK to one of the lowest
      • Cultural
        • Larger variation in cultures, as ethnic minorities migrated as they would do jobs middle class people wouldn't


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