Chapter 14

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  • Chapter 14
    • Social exclusion
      • What can happen when people or areas  suffer a combination of linked problems
      • Unit set up to reduce social exclusion by finding joined up solutions to interconnected problems
    • social mobility
      • Movement of individuals up or down the social class structure
      • When groups are discriminated against opportunities for social mobility can be limited
    • Socio-economic groups
      • Generally people of lower socio economic groups have poorer health.
      • More likely to suffer social exclusion as they have less power.
    • Ethnic minority groups
      • Broad ethnic groups E.G White, Indian, Chinese
      • May have low participation rates due to negative experiences previously
    • Solutions
      • Sport policies
      • Use of policy planning
      • Greater media coverage
      • Campaigns
    • Female participation
      • Reasons
        • Domestic role
        • Sexism
        • Less media coverage
      • Solutions
        • Equal opportunities
        • More facillities
        • Media coverage


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