Henry VII's legacy

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  • Legacy of Henry VII
    • Henry inherited a stable, prosperous + peaceful kingdom.
      • The dynasty was secure + the succession had passed without incident or challange
        • Henry's task was to build upon this solid foundation + honour his father's legacy
    • To address Henry VII's legacy, Henry put measures in place to ensure the continuation of:
      • Strong and Stable Government; both at centre + in localities
      • The dynasty in marrying early in his reign, to improve the prospect of a male heir
      • England's foreign policy, by honouring the pledge to marry Catherine of Aragorn + thus maintaining good relations with Spain
    • On the other hand. Henry did depart from his father's leagacy by ruthlessly disposing of his father's chief financial agents, the unpopular Sir Richard Empson and Edmund Dudley, who were tried + executed for treason
      • Used as scapegoats for the unpopular aspects of his late father's policies.
    • Henry also abandoned his father's peace policy by pursuing rather than avoiding wars


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