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  • Merchant of Venice: Characters
    • Antonio
      • The Merchant of Venice
      • Is friends with Bassanio
        • Is a loyal friend, at puts his own life at risk to help Basannio
      • Is a christian
        • Hates Shylock who is a Jew
          • Borrows money from and enters into contract with Shylock saying that if the money is not paid back by a certain date, then Shylock will take a pound of Antonio's flesh.
      • He is honest + when Shylock demands his pound of flesh, he doesn't complain, but accepts he has entered into the contract
    • Shylock
      • is spat upon by merchants such as Antonio because charges  very high rates of interest (usury)
    • Jessica
      • Shylocks daughter
        • Runs away from  Shylock to get married to Lorenzo
  • Portia
    • Dresses up as a man and pretends to be balthazar  (a lawyer) in order to save antonio from Shylock's rutheless deal
      • Shylock stubbornly insists on taking a pound of flesh from  Antonio
    • Husband determined by 3 caskets (silver, gold + lead) of which suitors must choose the right one to be able to marry her.
      • Her suitors:
        • Prince of Arrogan (chose silver)
        • Prince of Morroco (chose gold)




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