Characters in Act 3

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  • Characters in act 3
    • Romeo
      • His duel over Mercutio shows his loyalty and his violent side.
      • He's more soft with Juliet and the nurse.
      • He is strong and passionate in violence as well as love. This shows his loyalty to his friends as well as Juliet.
    • Benvolio
      • Benvolio is a calm peaceful character.
      • Benvolio tells Romeo to run away and stays behind to explain what happened. This shows he is a good friend and believes in justice.
      • Benvolio is the complete opposite to Tybalt.
    • Mercutio
      • When Mercutio dies all the energy suddenly dissapears.
      • His death marks the start of several tragic events in the rest of the play.
    • Tybalt
      • Tybalt is portrayed as aggressive and loyal.
      • Tybalt stabs Mercutio under Romeo's arm. From this we know that Tybalt doesn't always fight fairly.
    • The Prince
      • The Prince rules Verona and always comes to sort things out..
      • He is the figure of authority so speaks in poetry. He also spares Romeo from death which shows he is merciful too.
    • Juliet
      • Even though Juliet is only 13, she shows incredible bravery and intelligence for her age.
      • She won't let herself cry 'foolish tears' when Romeo is banished. This shows she is developing emotionally
      • Whether Juliet's actions are brave or immature, it shows she isn't a weak or submissive character. We can see this when she argues with her father
    • Paris
      • Paris is a rich and influential man in Verona.
      • He feels very upset when Juliet appears to have died. This shows he has true feelings for Juliet.
    • Capulet & Lady Capulet
      • Lady Capulet is very bossy and ambitious. She thinks it's fine for Juliet to get married because she married young.
      • She isn't sympathetic to Juliet not wanting to get married.
      • She shows her dramatic emotions when Tybalt dies and Juliet is thought to have died.
      • Capulet is very proud of Juliet when she is a good 13th century girl and listens to him.
      • However, when Juliet doesn't listen to him he turns violent and mean towards her calling her 'baggage'.
    • Friar Lawrence
      • Friar Lawrence is a father figure to Romeo and offers Romeo and Juliet advice
      • He may be seen as irresponsible as faking death to avoid a marriage is very extreme and risky.
      • The Friar is a peaceful man of God and supports the marriage as he believes it will bring the families together.
    • The Nurse
      • The nurse looked after Juliet since she was born. They have a very close relationship and only her and Friar Lawrence know about Juliet's relationship with Romeo.
      • When Juliet is believed to be dead, the nurse seems the most genuinely upset.
      • The nurse encourages Juliet to marry Paris, she has changed her mind which shows her fickle emotions.


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