Charge of the Light Brigade by Alfred Lord Tennyson

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  • Charge Of The Light Brigade  by Alfred Lord Tennyson
    • Emotions
      • negative views on the light brigade
      • honour
      • suffering
      • lack of control and a lack of power
      • heroic actions
    • Conflicts
      • soldiers are vulnerable
      • people in control have the power
      • power of humans
      • power of war
      • power of conflicts and violence
    • Form and Structure
      • equal stanza lengths apart from the last
      • rhymes
      • no enjambment or caesura
      • repetition of lines in stanzas
      • rhyme is irregular- unpredictability of war
    • Language
      • rhetorical questions
      • war language and imagery
      • alliteration
      • "storm'd at with shot and shell"
      • "when can their glory fade?"
      • "cannon to the right of them... cannon to the left of them"
      • "half a league, half a league, half a league onward"
    • Context
      • born in 1809
      • he was good at making short lyrics
      • poem is about the cavalry charge during the 1854 battle of Balaclava
      • Crimean war
      • he had noble and royal ancestry
      • middle class family
      • wrote poetry on many different subjects
    • Past and Present
      • how to cavalry charge was pointless but the leaders didn't believe it
      • now it is obvious that the charge was a mistake
      • they were charging into death
      • it was swords vs guns
      • now people would bever do that beause it is stupid


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