Charities, Patient Groups and Pressure Groups Mind Maps

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  • Pressure Groups, Charities and Patient Groups
    • What is a pressure group?
      • A pressure group is when a group of people campaign to improve the services offered to their members. Their purpose is to influence public opinion and the government decisions.
      • Many charities and patient groups can act as pressure groups.
    • Examples of Pressure Groups
      • KONP (Keep Our NHS Public)
        • We Own It
          • Our NHS
    • Charities and Patient Groups
      • Many voluntary organisations represent their service users when they need to contact and liaise with other agencies, such as housing departments.
      • For example MENCAP, will represent their service users and support them if they are liaising with other organisations such as their local council housing department, social services or other health and care professionals.
      • Shelter provides advice, guidance and support for those with housing problems and will represent them when they liaise with council officials, are applying for housing benefit or negotiating with landlords.
      • These organisations also provide support if service users need to make a complaint, Patient groups in hospitals represent the needs of patients and also support individuals making complaints.


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