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  • Childhood
    • some sociologists argue that the position of children in society has significantly improved bc of the introduction of laws that protect children
      • some argue that childhood has become 'toxic' due to globalisation
    • Aries
      • Middle Ages, childhood didn't exist
        • children had same responsibilities, rights and skills as adults
          • were considered economic assets
      • The modern western notion of childhood
        • distinction between children and adults
          • the social construction of childhood
          • differences in clothing, rights and responsibilities
    • Postman
      • in modern society childhood is disappearing
        • children and adults have some of the same rights
          • children's unsupervised games are disappearing
          • children are committing 'adult' crimes
        • printed words created a hierarchy between adults who could read and children who could not
          • tv blurs the distinction of information hierarchy
        • TV does not require special skills to access it
    • Shorter
      • in the middle ages the high death rate of children encouraged indifference and neglect
        • families now have become more child centered and seen as a priority
        • neglect is now frowned apon/ against the law
    • March in progress
      • childhood has improved significantly
        • children now perceived as


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