Children Act

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  • Children Act - 1989 imptoved 2004
    • Key Features
      • Aims to reduces discrimination and protect chilfren from harm & abuse (paramountcy Policy
      • Parents are support in their responsibilities
      • Children have a voice (sometimes over their parents)
      • Information data base set up so that information can be shared about children for whom they are concerned about
    • Strengths
      • Protects children fom harm
      • Support parent & families to stay together
      • Allows them to be herd
      • Information data base set up so children don't slip through the net
      • System of redress
      • Clear guidelines to follow if children need to be taken into care (last resort)
    • Weakness
      • Still children slipping through the net e.g. Baby P
      • Communication errors between professional
      • Not following the guidelines
      • Difficult for the children to know about their right and legal protection


Sam Morran


A very good resource - I like the way that the Author has separated the different areas - easy to follow and learn.

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