Children in Nazi Germany

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  • Children in Nazi Germany
    • Curriculum
      • Physical Education
        • 15% of school time
        • Any who fall below in examination will be expelled
      • History
        • Concentrate on the rise of the Nazi party
        • Evils of Jews and communism
        • Injustices of the Treaty of Versailles
      • German
        • Teach pupils to be conscious of their natural responsibility
        • Read about German heroes of WW1 and Hitler Youth
      • Geography
        • Teach about lands which were once part of Germany
      • Domestic Science
        • Only taught to girls
        • Teaches how to be the perfect housewife
      • Biology
        • Explains Nazi ideas and race control
        • Taught about racial types and that Aryans are superior
      • Maths
        • Only taught to boys
      • Eugenics
        • Teaches about selective breeding and the creation of the master race
      • Singing
        • Only taught to girls
    • Hitler Youth Movements
      • Hitler Youth
        • Boys aged 14-18
      • Young Girls
        • Girls aged 10-14
      • League of German Maidens
        • Girls aged 14-18
      • Young German Folk
        • Boys aged 10-14
    • What would boys do?
      • Boys prepared for the army with frequent drilling, practise in shooting, map reading and signalling
      • Sporting contests and other things like hiking
      • Annual military camps
      • Based on competition, physical fitness and military training
      • Lessons given in Nazi ideals
    • What would girls do?
      • Physical fitness
      • Lessons in Nazi ideals
      • Preparing them for motherhood by teaching domestic skills
      • Taught how to cook and clean


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