Christian attitudes to homosexuality

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  • Christian attitudes to homosexuality
    • Many Evangelical Christians believe homosexuality is a sin
      • There should be no homosexual Christians as Christ can remove all sin
      • Bible condemns homosexuality
      • Being born again in Christ can remove all sin
    • Roman Catholics believe that being homosexual is not sinful but homosexual activity is a sin
      • The Catholic church asks homosexuals to live without sexual activity (celibate)
      • They condemn all forms of homophobia and discrimination against people who are homosexual
      • Teachings of the Bible condemn homosexuality
      • Teaching of the magisterium
      • Sexual activity is for having children and homosexuals cannot do this
      • The church believes that people cannot help their sexuality but can control their sexual activity
      • Everyone has human dignity because they were made in the image of God
      • The church believes all people are children of God
    • Liberal Protestants: life long homosexual relationships are acceptable and homosexuals are welcomed into the church, but homosexual relationships cannot be equal to marriage
      • Ministers/ Priests can have a homosexual orientation but must not take part in homosexual sex
      • The teachings of the Bible need re-interpreting in light of modern attitudes
        • Anti-homosexual texts are a reflection of Jewish culture at the time rather than the word of God
      • Christian belief in love and acceptance
      • Christians should be open and honest and refusing the right of homosexual Christians encourages them to be dishonest and hypocritical about their nature and life


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