Christianity - Marriage

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  • Christianity, Gender and Equality
    • Marriage
      • Modern Society
        • marriage is seen primarily as a relationship offering satisfaction
        • legal registration of marriage does not require a religious ceremony
          • Cohabitation
            • Divorce is chaotic and expensive - cohabitation avoids this possibility
            • Christian
              • believe that sex should only take place within marriage
                • Catholic Church only approves of sexual relationships which are open to the possibility of new life
                • disapprove of artificial contraception
              • Cohabitation may not be stable for children
        • Optional legal requirement
      • Church
        • Roman Catholics
          • sacrament
            • receiving God's grace
            • raising a christian family - vocation
          • divorce - civil matter but they are not allowed to get re-married
            • they are sill seen as married because a sacrament cannot be undone
            • if they have a sexual relationship with another person or get married again in a Civil Ceremony, they are not allowed to receive communion as what they are doing is seen as a sin.
              • Marriage is a divine institution that cannot be broken, even divorce means you are still bound to one another
        • Orthodox Church
          • allow divorced people to marry  a second or third time
      • Purpose:
        • foundation of a stable society
        • symbolise the relationship between Jesus and the Church
    • Celibacy
      • Roman Catholic Church
        • essential requirement of being a priest or a member of a religious order -  permanent life-long choice to be a virgin.
      • Christians make celibacy a temporary lifestyle choice
        • person believes that sex should be kept for marriage, they may choose celibacy until they meet the right partner and get married
      • Social reason
        • Some people feel that chastity is a sensible lifestyle choice as an alternative to casual sex.
        • choose celibacy for themselves, even though their Church may not demand it - a person may wish to devote their life to missionary work and feel that not having a partner or family would be best


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