Church and The Kingdom of God 2

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  • Church and the kingdom of God
      • Justice- bringing about what is right and fair according to the law.
      • Peace- state of total trust and unity between all people.
      • Reconciliation- restoring of harmony after relationships have been broken down; a sarcrament of the catholic church.
      • Dramatized prayer- form of prayer that includes actions like moving from one place to another or acting out the intention of the prayer.
      • One
      • Holy
      • Apostolic
      • catholic
    • Kingdom of God
      • Also called the reign of God, where all people live as God intends.
      • Signs of kingdom of god: JUSTICE, PEACE, RECONCILIATION
      • It is important as it is the idea of God's sovereighty and authority.
      • The kingdom values refer to the values or standards for living that god wants people to have as members of his kingdom
      • POPE FRANCIS- how does he show kingdom values in practice?
        • JUSTICE: tries to make all people realise that abuse in any form damages all people's lives and leads to injustice.
        • PEACE: Played a major role in restoring relations between Cuba and the USA.
        • RECONCILIATION: has visited area of tension in the world, trying to restore harmony.
        • Ensures all people have what they all are entitled to as humans. Belief that all people are created equal and are loved equally by god.
        • Called upon to help ensure that the dignity of every person is recognised and supported. Belief that justice comes from god and any attempt to ensure that justice exists on earth is spreading the KoG.
      • Locally: join locally with others to ensure that help they give is effective and long lasting. (SVP)
      • Nationally: Get changes made to policies and laws- prevent them from happening- rather than just having to solve problems after they happened. (SPUC)
      • Gobally: help offered to people in other countries. Support agencies that tackle problems in other countries.
        • Through raising awareness and funds. Put pressure on international companies to improve their ways.
      • SVP
        • International charity, nearly 600,000 members around the world. Work in small groups at local level.
          • Members are dedicated to going out into the local community to help people in need.
        • They visit people in homes, hospitals, care homes and prisons. They do soup runs for homeless, summer camps for kids.
      • CAFOD
        • Official charity organisation of the catholic church in england and wales.
        • Provides emergency aid in places of great need, supporting people through long-term aid, challenge national policies and laws that damage lives of the poor.


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