church and the kingdom of God part six

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    • 5.11: Kingdom values in Christian vocations
      • Kingdom values are values that God wants people in his Kingdom to show in their lives
      • Examples of Kingdom values include: gentleness, mercy, love, humility, a desire for peace, a wish to serve God, obedience to God
      • Priesthood - ordained minister of the Catholic Church. they take a promise of celibacy and take a promise of obedience to their bishop
      • Family life - love is an important Kingdom value unites a family together. they also spread the Kingdom of God on earth
      • Religious life - monks and nuns are people who commit themselves to God. take vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. live simple lives and have a sense of peace
    • 5.12: Kingdom values in the life of a Catholic
      • JUSTICE
        • When Pope Francis became Archbishop, he increased the number of priests working among the poor
        • by setting a good example, he aims to inspire others to live more simply
        • criticises economic policies that lead to inequality and exploitation
      • PEACE
        • during 2014-15, he played a major role in restoring relations between Cuba and USA
        • brings together leaders of countries that have been at war with each others
        • he uses his public addresses to pray for peace
        • Every Maundy Thursday, he goes to a local prison and washes the feet of 12 prisoners
        • visited places of tension
        • has helped to reconcile some of the tensions between Muslims, Jews and Christians


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