Circulatory Systems and the Cardiac Cycle-B5

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  • Circulatory Systems and the Cardiac Cycle
    • Cardiac cycle-sequence of events as blood enters and leaves the heart
      • Atria muscles contract as ventricles relax to receive blood through the atrio-ventricular valves (prevent backflow of blood)
        • Semi lunar valves prevent the backflow of blood
    • Double circulatory system-heart and lungs obtain oxygen; heart and the rest of the body deliver oxygen to cells
      • 4 chambered heart: 2 atria receive blood, 2 ventricles distribute
    • Heart rate is increased by adrenaline
      • Cells called pacemakers control heart beat through an electric current
        • Sino atrial node (SAN)-atria contract, stimulate AVN
          • Atrio ventricular node (AVN)-electrical impulses coordinate heart muscle contraction
    • Veins have valves to ensure no backward blood flow
    • High pressure damages capillaries
    • Echocardiodi-agram- monitor irregular heart actions


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