Civil rights outline

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  • How and why did black Americans fight for civil rights 1917-55?
    • The Quest for Civil Rights
      • What was the impact of black American's fight for civil rights 1955-80?
        • Changing patterns and approaches 1955-68
        • Campaigning in the South
        • Impact of black militancy
        • Impact of civil rights legislation
      • How and why did minority rights become significant 1960-80?
        • Native Americans
        • Hispanic Americans
        • Gay rights
    • Fighting for civil rights: legal challenge to direct action 1917-55
    • WW2 impact
    • Truman impact
    • What was the impact of the New Deal?
    • What was life like in the South?
    • Why fight for civil rights?
    • What was the impact of moving North 1917-32?


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