cleaner design and technology

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  • Cleaner design and technology
    • Successful cleaner design requires reducing the environmental impact of the product or packaging throughout its entire life cycle.
    • It is now fundamentally important for a designer to also consider design for recycling, including the following requirements:
      • Easy to dismantle for repair or re-use and so extending product life.
      • Easy to seperate different materials for recycling.
      • Easy to remove components that must be treated seperately for repair.
      • Use as few different materials as possible.
      • Mark the materials in order to sort them correctly.
      • Avoid surface treatments in order to keep the materials 'clean'.
    • Five factors that make up product sustainability
      • Cyclic: products that are made from biodegradable materials, decreasing levels of waste e.g. Biopol.
      • Solar: products that in manufacture and use consume only renewable energy that is safe.
        • Social: products whose manufacture and use supports basic human rights and natural justice.
      • Safe: all releases to air, water, land or space are 'food' for other systems.
      • Efficient: products that in manufacture and use require 90% less energy.


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