Climate change

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  • Why aren't we doing anything about climate change?
    • Lack of unanity
      • COP 27 - failed to pledge to reduce fossil fuel reliance
        • China and US resumed climate talks
          • Previously: 2015 Paris agreement
      • Green competition an asnwer?
        • China and US want to lead green technology
          • Solar cells, electric cars
      • Place poliltical problems above global climate issues
        • China and US seize climate talks in August following visit to Taiwan
          • Resumed
        • War in Europe
      • Freiberg government don't look at regional and national level
      • California Environmetal Equality Act fails to consider implications in browner states
    • Waiting for next technology
      • Increased emission every year since 2015 Paris agreement
      • Can all do our part without new technology, simply be efficient systems
    • Lack of funding
      • Other focuses
        • Loss and Damage scheme
          • Tensions over who should pay. China?
          • Recognition of climate related damage
        • Energy/cost of living crisis
          • French nuclear reactor life extended until April to hedge gas shortage
        • Corruption
    • Public relations
      • 70% against extension of Ultra Low Emission Zone
      • Suburban ideal
        • Future depends on China and India suburbanisation
      • Onshore wind banned since 2015


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