Coalition 1910-1915

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  • Coalition 1910-1915
    • What were the 3-5 main areas of Social/Domestic policy?
      • National Insurance Act 1911. Health insurance provided by a fund in which the worker, the employer and the state paid 4, 3 and 2d a week. Entitled to free medical attention.
        • Unemployment insurance applied to only certain trades where demand for labour fluctuated. Worker and employer both paid 2.5d a week and the state 2d a week. unemplyed would be given 7shillings a week for up to 15 weeks in any 12month period.
      • Shops Act 1911. Gave shop assistants a half day holiday each week. this didn't limit hours of work though.
      • Parliament Act 1911. Removed the law-making veto from the House of Lords thus rendering it constitutionally most expedient to run any future government from the House of CommonsGave planned budgetary free rein to the House of Commons
    • What were the 3-5 main areas of Foreign Policy?
      • Agadir crisis 1911. French troops took Moroccan capital and annexed morocco. Germans sent in a gunboat, Britain warned Germans that they would not be taken advantage of and the gunship was removed. Germans agreed to recognise French rule in Morocco for two strips of land in the French Congo
      • Assassination of Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand. This event sparked off the first world war. Austria declared war on Serbia with promise of German support. Russia ordered general mobilisation, German ordered this to be cancelled and when Russia refused Germany declared war (3rd August) German troops entered Belgium onway to invade France Britain demanded their withdrawal due to Belgian Neutrality (1839) when germans refused Britain declared war (4th August)
      • Balkan war 1912. all great powers felt intrests were threatened when Serbia, Greece, Montenegro and Bulgaria (Balkan League) attacked Turkey. Peace conference in London to decide which territories should be given to Balkan states. This showed Britain and Germany could still work together.
    • What was their policy towards Ireland?
      • Home Rule bill passed through commons in may 1914, but could not come to agreement with Unionists, Home Rule bill suspended when the war started.
    • How popular was this ministry?
    • What were the major reasons for this ministry being elected?
      • As the Liberals lost a great deal of support they needed Irish National support and Unionists after early mismanagement in WW1
    • What were the major reasons for this ministry ending?
    • What were the overriding priorities for this ministry? did they achieve their aims?


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