Coastal Recession

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  • Coastal recession
    • Consequences
      • People may need to relocate homes or businesses
      • property in this area significantly drops in value e.g Skipsea
      • 2014 damage to SW railway line led to 2 month closure & losses of £1.2 billion to local economy
      • The Maldives is one of the lowest lying countries in world - at risk of being fully submerged. rely heavily on tourism, destruction from flooding threatens this. many peopl migrate away from annual flooding
    • Defences
      • Hard engineering
        • groynes £, creates wider beaches, but starves sediment cells up coast.
        • rip-rap/rock armour £, long lasting, can be a hazard for pedestrians
        • sea wall  £££, long term & low maintence, create strong backwash which can undercut base
        • offshore breakwaters  £££, create calmer waters behind it, can change wave patterns
        • revetments    ££, constant maintenance, break down force of waves before hit coastline
      • Soft engineering
        • beach nourishment  ££, maintains beach for tourism, unsustainable
        • dune stabilisation - creation/ restoration. beach nourishment/ vegetation - natural barrier & habitat - protects only a small area
        • cliff re-grading


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