coastal systems

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  • Coastal Systems
    • Closed or open system
      • Closed means the sediment STAYS in the system.
      • Open means that sediment can be lost or gained from outside the system
    • Dynamic Equilibrium
      • When the inputs of a system equal the output so no sediment is gained or lost
    • Inputs
      • Marine – waves, tides and currents
      • Geological – rock type, structure and tectonics
      • Atmospheric – climate, weather and and climate change
      • People – urban planning, housing, industry, coastal management/defences, leisure
    • Processes
      • Deposition
      • Erosion – attrition, corrasion/abrasion, hydraulic action
      • Weathering – freeze-thaw, solution, salt crystallisation
      • Mass Movement e.g. slumps, soil creep and slides
    • Outputs
      • Landforms of erosion – cracks, caves, stacks, stumps, wave-cut platforms, blowholes
      • Landforms of deposition – beaches, spits, tombolos, sand dunes, salt marshes
    • Sediment cells surround the uk, and are "closed" sysrtems


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