cognitive approach

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  • cognitive apporoach
    • A3. the use of theoretical and computer models
      • - cognitive psychologists relied on theoretical models to illustrate and explain complex internal mental processes
        • - these are simplified representations based on current research evidence.
    • computer model
      • the development of computers and computer programming led to a focus on the way that sensory information is passed through a system
        • using a computer analogy, information s passed through the senses. encoded into memory and combined with previously stored information to complete a task
    • the emergence of cognitive neuroscience
      • is the scientific study of the influence of brain structure on mental processes
        • advances in brain scanning technology means scientists have been able to describe the neurological basis of metal processing
  • input
    • processing
      • output
        • observable behaviour
      • information is encode and processed eg- using schema
    • from the environment via the senses


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